5 Healthy Lunch Spots

Banner: Cafe Wylde 2
Let’s be honest: one of the best things about traveling or vacations is eating whatever, whenever, without any guilt. Let’s be double honest though, it’ll start to catch up with you, and in no time, you’ll be buying bigger pants. If you’re looking for some delicious, healthy eats, here’s the list.

Cafe Wylde

2918 Hoyt Ave. suite 101

From smoothies and freshly-blended juices, salads, tacos, and more, Cafe Wylde is organic and 100% vegetarian (mostly vegan). They go out of their way to ensure their ingredients are nutrient-dense, and specialize in sourcing fresh herbs and ingredients.In place of meat, they use a delicious alternative called jackfruit. Word on the street is their sage mint shake tastes just like chocolate chip mint.

Valley Organic Deli

2805 Colby Ave.

Everything Valley Organic makes is organic and tastes quite healthy. The owner tries to make things without added sugar whenever possible. All of their salad dressings are house-made, which eliminates the junk typically found in store-bought dressings. The salads are big with a nice mix of protein and veggies, and their wraps and sandwiches come with healthy sides like fresh fruit or salad.

Cafe Zippy

1502 Rucker Ave.

Cafe Zippy is all organic, featuring great coffee and sandwiches with plenty of vegan options. The owner, Marilyn, is really passionate about healthy living. She likes to be at the forefront of new trends in healthy lifestyles and eating, and likes to share what she's learning. There are always new, fun things to try out, such as their dandelion root coffee substitute: a concoction of all kinds of healthy herbs with a coffee-like flavor and consistency.

Sno-Isle Food Co-Op

2804 Grand Ave.

The Co-Op offers so much: groceries, a stellar deli, classes, and many other awesome healthy-lifestyle resources. They've made a lot of changes in the last few years, and have really upped their ready-to-eat game. The sandwiches and smoothies are all delicious and well-priced (strawberry-banana is where it’s at).They always have two kinds of soup and a hot option like mac-and-cheese or lasagna, and their cold case is a great place to grab an assortment of nutrient-dense salads and to-go meals. If you want to DIY, you’ll also find a robust bulk section for grocery shopping and/or street strolling snacks

The Sisters

2804 Grand Ave. (right next to the Co-op)

An Everett classic! Fresh home cooking with vegetarian options to boot. It’s only open on weekdays for breakfast and lunch, but if you’re in Everett during their open hours, this place is a must. The tuna melt is, in fact, something to write home about. Their baked goods rival any grandma’s, no doubt. Burt, the guy who usually works the front counter is an Everett icon. Ask him about his sleepwalking stories.