Outdoor Adventures: Walking, Jogging and Biking Everett

During the sunny season, Everett’s parks and trails are some of the best places for outdoor fitness junkies to get out and move. Whether you like walking, jogging, stroller-ing or biking in the great outdoors, Everett has the right trail for the ultimate mid-day getaway.

icon_walk2 (1)WALKING & EXPLORING

Got your coffee? Perfect. Time to start exploring. If you're looking for a more low-key outdoor experience, Everett has plenty of walking trails that are beautiful during the spring and summer seasons.

Langus Riverfront Park, with three miles of paved trail winding around the Snohomish River, is darn near perfect, especially on a foggy morning. You can also explore Everett's historic downtown and check out the fantastic results of artists’ creative spirit on display.


Hiking is our proverbial pastime here in the PNW. After you've conquered our urban trails, check out our guide to hikes in our neck of the woods. If you’re up for exploring the beautiful forests of the PNW, check out our list of nearby day hikes.  

Some of the trails can be muddy and slippery this time of year, so make sure you check trail conditions before you head out. Remember to dress for the weather and pack out what you pack in. We want to keep you – and our trails – in good working order.


Biking is a great way to explore Everett on two wheels instead of four — especially since we are a certified bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community. Strap on your helmet and follow one of our interactive bike tours to find a route that matches your interests and comfort level. Wherever you choose to ride, you’ll want to be safe and ready for your next Everett adventure, so check out the many bike resources at everettwa.gov/bikes

Interurban Trail

  • Website
  • Great for: Walking, rolling biking, families, kids, pets
  • Length: 5.7 miles in Everett, 18.8 miles total

Most of the trail is separate from motorized traffic but some sections include bikeways on city streets. The Interurban Trail is a great resource for people to travel to Everett by walking, biking and rolling, and to visit great destinations in Everett like downtown Everett, Everett Station, Silver Lake and Everett Mall. 

Japanese Gulch

  • Website
  • Great for: Hiking, walking, families, kids, pets
  • Length: various paths of 4 miles

Japanese Gulch is technically located in Mukilteo, but that border line is close enough, so we’ll claim this trail for now. This trail is great for hiking or walking, and has a small incline for a steady workout. This trail boasts of beautiful views and naturescapes, including waterfalls, streams and classic PNW greenery. 

Langus Riverfront Park and Nature Trail

  • Website
  • Great for: Walking, biking, families, kids, pets
  • Length: 3 miles

If you’d rather enjoy the waterscape without all the wilderness, travel over to Langus Riverfront Park where you can enjoy a three mile paved walkway suite for walking and biking. While you jog by the water, see the different nautical features such as the boat docking station and fishing pier. Continue your journey to the end of the trail which leads to Spencer Island, an intertidal 413-acre nature reserve with plenty of wildlife to peruse.

Lowell Riverfront Trail

  • Website
  • Great for: Walking, biking, families, kids, pets
  • Length: 1.6 miles

Walk down to the Lowell Riverfront Trail to enjoy nature and a 1.6 mile long paved walkway suitable for bikes and walkers. Right on the bank of the Snohomish River, enjoy views of the water and various nesting birds, including owls and Orioles. If you are particularly lucky, a sunny sea lion or river otter may pop up to say hello.

Mill Town Trail

  • Website
  • Great for: Walking, rolling, biking, families, kids
  • Length: 6.8 miles

This trail is a shared use path in north Everett that follows Marine View Dr. It offers great views of Port Gardner Bay and the Port of Everett, the Snohomish River, Legion Park, Henry Jackson Park and downtown Everett. The trail consists of wide, shared use sidewalks along city streets and showcases Everett’s history as a mill town.  

Port of Everett's Millwright Loop Trail

  • Website
  • Great for: Walking, biking, families, kids, pets
  • Length: 4 miles

Four miles of paved sidewalks are waiting for you, your bike or your furry friend. This walkway off West Marine View Drive is ideal for anyone who just wants to get out and run in a clean environment with a seaside view.

Port of Everett Waterfront Trails

Visiting Everett’s waterfront is a must, and getting a nice workout while taking in the water sights is a great way to spend your time. Thankfully for you, the Everett waterfront has several trails to choose from.

Union Slough Trail

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  • Great for: Walking, hiking, families, kids

Explore Everett’s marshlands while observing native wildlife in the 24 acres of land preserved by the Port of Everett. If you enjoy nature, you’ll want to take your time exploring the walkway surrounding Union Slough.