Everett’s top 5 hole-in-the-wall menu items

It's a fact that often the most unassuming hole in the wall joints have the best food. These are often family run, small, off-the-beaten-path kind of places. It’s hard to keep up with customer demand and make sure your marketing looks pro. Because these places are unassuming, they’re often overlooked by visitors. Luckily for you, we’ve got a locals guide that covers some of the top hole-in-the-wall menu items in Everett. 


Barbacoa Tacos at Tacobook
1130 Broadway
(425) 258-2762

Tacobook is a funny place. The name and logo are borrowed from a favorite social media website, but it doesn’t matter because the food is insanely delicious. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the real treat is the barbacoa tacos. These are not like the barbacoa tacos you get at Chipotle. These are traditional, Jalisco-style (named after the region in Mexico where the style comes from). For $10, you get four, massive tacos unlike any you’ve had before. The corn tortillas are soaked in a house-made red sauce before being filled with seasoned meat and grilled until crispy then topped with sautéed onions and jalapeños. The flavor is big and unique, think (not sweet) barbecue sauce on tacos with a slight hint of clove and allspice. Four tacos will feed two people. 

Barney’s Pastrami Sandwich 
5130 Evergreen Way
(425) 583-3637

If you love (kind of) gruff older gentlemen and magnificent pastrami sandwiches, you’ll love Barney’s Pastrami. Don’t expect a smile (though, you may get lucky) and don’t expect romantic ambiance. Do expect the most traditional and delicious pastrami sandwich you’ll find this side of New York. This place is like going back in time, cash only, an old school menu and Pepsi machine. The counter is run by Barney and Barney alone so expect a wait during busy times. Get your sandwich to go and take it to Forest Park to enjoy and nap afterward. 

The N.E.L.L. Burger 
2300 Walnut St.

One of the best burgers in Everett comes off the grill via a volunteer’s spatula in a small concession shack at the baseball field at Garfield Park. You can only get the N.E.L.L. burger during little league season, so they’re kind of a coveted treasure. Honestly, there’s no secret to why they’re good. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re $3 and reminiscent of everyone’s childhood. Maybe it’s the fact the grill has been seasoned from decades of grilling patties and bacon. Either way, they’re delicious. 


Gyro at Gyro House
620 SE Everett Mall Way, Ste. 400
(425) 513-1884

Gyro House is an authentic Mediterranean joint inside a strip mall just south of the Everett Mall. If you’re craving gyros, this is your spot. It’s considered by many locals as having the ‘greatest gyro in the state.' We agree that this is a bold statement (considering there’s Aladdin in Seattle and all), but if Gyro House isn’t the best Gyro you’ve ever had, it’s gonna be pretty darn close. Local tip: order just a gyro sandwich with greek fries. It’ll come in less than $10 after tip and leave you feeling like you just made the best decision of your whole vacation.