Discover Everett's Vintage Shops

Hot Rod Heidi's

Downtown Everett has a wealth of little vintage shops with all kinds of wonderful hidden treasures. Feel like browsing? Here are a few of our favorites.

Second Chance Antiques & Furniture 
1307 Hewitt Ave
The owner of Second Chance curates a treasure trove for the discerning picker. He frequents estate sales in the city and picks up items you won’t find in a modern day, conventional retail store. Stuff like sweaters with horse prints, old bottles, trunks full of old television tubes, cast-iron stoves and other items that have stood the test of time.

Grand Leader Mercantile
1502 Hewitt Ave
Located on the corner of Hewitt and Hoyt, you'll find an upscale shop with fixtures befitting the mansion-style homes on upper Grand Avenue or Alverson. Expect to find a selection of chandeliers, refurbished and finely upholstered furniture (think chaise lounges), stained glass lamps, ornate oriental rugs and delicate vases. This is a classy joint with multiple vendors offering their vintage finds. A higher price point than most vintage shops, but worth the extra dough to keep it classy.

Hot Rod Heidi's Vintage Closet
1301 Hewitt Ave
For the rockabilly types. For the glam ladies who want a vintage frock. For the greasers wearing Pendleton coats and Levi's cuffed mid-calf. Hot Rod Heidi’s began at regional car shows where owner Heidi Swadon sold her thrift store finds to classic car fans. Now her shop has a permanent residence in the front of Sunken Ship Tattoo on Hewitt Avenue. All of the clothing and home décor selections are curated and of good quality  you may pay a slightly higher price, but nothing here is faded, stained or second best.

RENEW Home & Decor
3331 Broadway
RENEW Home & Decor is a social enterprise run by nonprofit Housing Hope. The store is a place that teaches people job skills like customer service, inventory management and even how to “flip” furniture. These up-cycled home items (plus other thrift store-like finds) are available at the RENEW Home & Decor storefront on Broadway. All sales go to benefit Housing Hope. Housing Hope builds homes for people experiencing homelessness and also provides job training. All furniture and other goodies purchased here go to a good cause.