Everett Fall Beverage Guide

A barista pours coffee at Narrative Coffee

For when a PSL just won’t cut it.

Narrative Coffee

2927 Wetmore Ave

Narrative is serving their own take on a pumpkin spice latte called the ‘Lil Punk’n. It’s more gourmet, less syrup than your corporate coffee, and has cardamom, caramel and allspice. Also available: a hot cranberry apple cider with mulling spices, a coffee hot toddy and a cardamom espresso with milk. Lots of choices on this seasonal menu!

Paesano's Coffee

2707 Colby Ave Ste B

All of the beverages here feature handcrafted syrups, which are available only until Silver Cup runs out of supplies. This is the only place in town to get sweet potato pie sauce a unique sweet potato beverage dubbed “Starch Your Engines” is their response to the pumpkin spice beverage craze. They also offer a pumpkin beverage of their own called “The Good Gourd.” Long on puns, long on fun fall flavor.

Sno-Isle Food Co-op

2804 Grand Avenue 

The co-op has an entire shelf dedicated to pumpkin beer. This is a special thing, as far as we are concerned. Pumpkin beer is what makes the season go around, and the beverages here are on the craft side of the spectrum  many of which are only available in the PNW. Check it out and discover your next favorite seasonal beverage.

The Loft Coffee

1309 Hewitt Ave.

The Loft offers a pumpkin shake, and they make their pumpkin puree in-house. They are the first business in town to feature that most seasonal of favorites: eggnog. As a bonus, this coffee shop is full of plush armchairs and they have electric fireplaces. A good place to duck out of inclement Washington weather.

The Independent Beer Bar

1801 Hewitt Ave.

The Indy has a rotating tap selection as well as a broad selection of bottles and cans. Meaning that they are a great place any time of the year to pick out a crisp, seasonal cider. Check in to see what The Independent’s offering (part of the fun is seeing what’s on tap). Odds are they will have a pumpkin beer or two available this time of year.