5 Comfort Food Spots

Along with rain, fall and winter can bring windy chills up anyone’s spine. Grab a fork and loosen your belt, because here are the top places to go when you want all the cheesy, sweet, or saucy dishes. 

1. Strawberry Patch Cafe

2718 Colby Ave.

May we recommend the poutine? For the uninitiated, poutine is basically house made French fries or tater tots with gravy and cheese on the top. Sausage, gravy biscuits, and onion rings. All the yummy things covered in cheese and powdered sugar. Eat your heart out.

2. Brooklyn Brothers Pizza

1919 Hewitt Ave. 

Authentic New York-style pizza on the main drag in Everett. This place has pizza by the slice, and if for whatever reason your comfort food is also health food (it happens) they make the best salad in town. A family-friendly place, they have walls covered in intentional graffiti and they play loud music in the back. A fun vibe.

3. Scuttlebutt Family Pub

1205 Craftsman Way

Want fish and chips and a pint in a classy location? Try this family-style pub on the waterfront. They brew in-house. You may not want to dine alfresco this time of year, but patio seating is an scenic option in warmer months. Scuttlebutt serves up hot clam chowder, fish tacos, and BBQ pork sandwiches. This is the place for the seafood lover who also dabbles in burgers.

4. The New Mexicans

1416 Hewitt Ave.

Coleslaw, chicken and dumplings, cheese-smothered enchiladas, hot rolls, beans, and ribs. If you like rib-sticking comfort food this place is your bag. They have an open kitchen so you can watch the cooks prep your food while you sip a scratch-made margarita. 

5. Totem Family Diner

4410 Rucker Ave.

A local favorite since 1953 for all things greasy spoon (in the best way). This is the type of place to get large plates full of hash and eggs. Black, strong coffee. A place to linger over a newspaper while a waitress calls you hon. They also do the burgers and fries and soda route if you catch them on the luck side of things. Local tip: try the biscuit barge.