5 places to get pie

The holidays are here, and that means pie. Pretend you’re Special Agent Dale Cooper at Twede’s Cafe and belly up with a cup of coffee and a slice of warm pie.

Sisters Restaurant

2804 Grand Ave.
(425) 252-0480

A homey, Everett family-owned establishment since 1983. They make the pies from scratch every morning, and serve Seattle’s Zoka Coffee. Brick walls and tall ceilings, this is a nice place to catch up on local visual art.

Despi Delight Bakery

3713 Broadway
(425) 249-2295

Despi Delight is known for their insanely delicious doughnuts and their out-of-this-world custom cakes, and their pies are just as incredible. All made fresh by their crazy-talented bakers, get a whole pie or sample a few of their mini pies to find your favorite.

Karl's Bakery & Cafe

2814 Wetmore Ave.
(425) 252-1774

This cute little bakery has high-backed booths and wood-paneled walls. The pastries and pies are in a glass case and you can order espresso, too. This is a great place to post up with a newspaper and watch the Funko tourists stroll by.

The New Mexicans

1416 Hewitt Ave.
(425) 512-9705

Known for their rich gravy and New Mexican menu, these folks know how to serve up some of the best pie in town. A few classics to try: Oreo chocolate cream, Butterfinger chocolate cream or Reese's chocolate peanut butter cream.

The Totem Diner

4410 Rucker Ave.
(425) 252-3277

Walking into the Totem feels like walking back in time and straight into an episode of Twin Peaks. This place is a classic diner: deliciously greasy food, wait staff who call you 'hun' and plenty of pie. Pie options change daily, so call if you're picky.