Central Everett Dining Guide

When we talk about Central Everett, we’re talking almost exclusively about restaurants on either side of Highway 99  on the old arterial that runs north to south in Everett. This stretch of concrete and neon is home to many surprisingly good restaurants: strip mall joints and 'mom and pop' places. You can find almost any sort of international food here, and the adventurous culinary explorer will be rewarded with handmade Chinese noodles, buttery palak paneer or just plain greasy diner hash browns and coffee. 


Lanna Thai

7825 Evergreen Way
(425) 438-3888

Lanna Thai have a classy interior featuring wooden pagodas, murals and art from Thailand. The food is spicy and on-point: no ketchup-y pad thai here. An excellent place to sit down for a semi-formal dinner rather than a hole-in-the-wall alternative. 

They also have a stellar happy hour. If you like cheap Singha beer and fried tofu appetizers with peanut sauce, you know where to go.

King Noodle House

7815 Evergreen Way 
(425) 513-8888

Authentic Chinese noodles, handmade to order. Their noodle menu is super cool: choose your type of noodle, your vegetables and meat or tofu options, or both. Then they bring you your own customized order. If noodles aren’t your thing, they also serve up typical Chinese fare. 

Curries in Everett

7318 Evergreen Way Ste. 101
(425) 265-1200

This is a local favorite. Curries specializes in just that: aromatic curries; perfect for spreading over jasmine rice or scooping up with naan bread fresh from the oven. Wash it all down with a chai tea and call it the tastiest Indian meal in town.

Nick’s Jr. Burgers

5821 Evergreen Way
(425) 347-6037

Another local favorite, this burgers-no-frills (and gyros) joint is recognizable for the trademark smiley face with devil horns on the exterior of the red brick building. If there’s one thing Nick’s Jr. does it’s fried. Fried onion rings, fried mushrooms, French fries, fried pickle sticks and fried mozzarella sticks. The perfect place to indulge yourself in this deep-fried heaven.

Totem Family Diner

4410 Rucker Ave.
(425) 252-3277

A classic Everett drive-in diner, that's been located off Highway 99 since the 1950s. Totem Diner is the sort of place where the wait staff asks you if you want a “warm up” on your coffee and call you “hon.” Totem slings hash browns and eggs and they can be very busy, but are worth the wait. They also do BBQ and burgers in the afternoon and evening.

Keep an eye out for the giant totem pole outside. You can’t miss it.