Unique gift guide

Don’t get them socks and underwear. Find your gift recipient something unique, something made by hand or tied to a place. Everett has what you’re looking for including upscale cooking gadgets, pop culture collectibles, and all of the art.

For the Funko fan/nerd

Wetmore Forest Funko Pops!


Wetmore Forest Funko Pops! are Funko’s tribute to their home city. They are technically Pop! Monsters, little vinyl figures in the shape of mythical furry creatures with the trademark Pop! jumbo-sized eyes and giant heads. The Funko building (a great place to visit to buy gifts) is located on Wetmore Avenue in the heart of downtown Everett. Bonus! Don’t forget to check out Everett Comics just a block south on Wetmore.

For the locavore and foodie

Sno Isle Co-Op


Pop into Everett’s beloved natural food Co-Op to load up on locally made hard-goods as well as the right stuff for the foodie on your list. You know your hippie aunt would love a kombucha starter or some organic and local vegan something. 

For the Rachael Rays

J. Matheson Kitchen & Gifts


This place is perfect for gifts. The name says it all. J Matheson specializes in nice hand towels, fancy colanders, designer gift cards, and other domestic niceties. An upshot to all of these gifts is that they are beautiful and practical; something your gift recipient will most likely use year-round.

For the underground artist

Black Lab Gallery


Black Lab Gallery on Hewitt is home to the more avant-garde side of visual art. Around the holidays they have a hundred pieces of visual art for under a hundred dollars. It’s a great way to buy something unique for your gift recipient while also using your dollar to support the local arts. 

For the classy artist

The Schack Art Center


The Schack is home to a glass blowing studio as well as a retail space/gallery selling classy glass-blown art, ceramics, jewelry, and paintings. There is no shortage of exceptional art gifts to be picked out here. The price point will be a bit higher, but that only speaks to the quality of the work.