Cheat Day Dining Guide

Nick’s Jr. Burgers & Gyros
5821 Evergreen Way
(425) 347-6037

Cheat day pick: The "GCBC”(Grilled Cheese Bacon Cheeseburger)

Nick's Jr. Burgers & Gyros menu says, (and we quote) One patty topped with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & Nick’s homemade mayo all housed between two grilled cheese sandwiches.” Need we say more?

Since calories don't count on cheat day, why not add some of Nick's fried pickle chips or mac n’ cheese bites? And don’t forget to add one of their 11 unique sauces  we suggest the wasabi mayo.

The New Mexicans
1416 Hewitt Ave.
(425) 512-9705

Cheat day pick: The Rio Burger

Ever watch those TV shows where a super charismatic host reviews giant burgers that need to be split up between four people? Well, this might be one of those burgers. Loaded with smoky bacon, cheese and all the toppings, the half-foot bun alone may make you want to cry (with tears of joy, of course).

Try to eat this monster in one sitting. We dare you. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, top it with green chiles for $3 more.

Strawberry Patch Cafe
2718 Colby Ave.
(425) 339-2257

Cheat day pick: Hawk's Nest Poutine

From the bottom up: choose from their house-made french fries or crunchy tater tots. After that, it’s all a blur. Add sausage gravy and all the cheese in Everett plus mounds of bacon. Top with a fried egg and chives, if you dare.

Not feeling bacon for lunch? Strawberry Patch Cafe's monthly specials are usually an excellent avenue to an afternoon food coma. For example, who can say no to a platter of French toast topped with cooked peaches, poppy seed icing and brie?

Philly Ya Belly
12432 Hwy 99, Ste. 65
(425) 710-0130

Cheat day pick: Original (with Whiz)

Don't mess around with anything else at Philly Ya Belly. Get the original cheesesteak, WITH WHIZ. Philly natives say it's the closest thing to home. Steamed bun, juicy meat, liquid cheese. Yum time is now.


s Drive-In
1401 Broadway
(425) 252-3411

Cheat day pick: Double Fish & Chips

Literally a bucket of Everett's best fish and chips. Ray's Drive-in serves up all of the drive-in classics like burgers, fries and shakes but it's their fish and chips that make them famous. These babies are battered, not breaded, fried golden and delicious. The tartar sauce puts it over the edge. Be a serious rule breaker and get a peanut butter shake.