Springtime Adventures: Gardening in Everett

Gardening is a great way to transition from the cold winter months into the blooming spring months here in Everett. The local community celebrates all kinds of gardens from indoor house plants to booming outdoor vegetable gardens, and everything in between. Get out in the Pacific Northwest’s greenery as you gain your green thumb this spring! 

Go Shopping

The start of any gardener’s journey begins with the plants. Take a trip down to Houseplants Galore to find potted plants perfect for your home. Shop pet friendly, easy to care for and all must-have planting accessories at Plant Envy. Whether you are looking to populate your home with potted plants or add a splash of color to your life they have a little something for everyone. 

Get Inspired

If you are searching for garden inspiration look no further than the Evergreen Arboretum & Garden. With over 10 different trails and gardens, there is a whole world of gardening inspiration for you to explore. There’s always something new blooming, so every visit will be as unique as the last. As you walk through their Japanese Maple Grove or explore the Northwest Native Plant Trail, soak in the beauty and ideas to use in your own garden. 

Take a Class

Are you new to gardening and feeling a bit lost or maybe you just need a brush up on some specifics? Either way, taking a class can help you hone your skills and get you a green thumb in no time at all. The Evergreen Arboretum & Garden is offering free classes and events throughout 2022. Learn everything from how to handle native plants to planting with confidence and much more. 

Celebrate Outdoor Living

Now that you have started your gardening adventure, the next best thing to do is celebrate the joys of outdoor living at Sorticulture, Everett’s three-day outdoor garden and arts festival on June 10 – 12. Join in on the fun, learn from gardening experts and explore the local community’s garden art, plants and handmade outdoor products.