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Posted on: October 5, 2019

Escape Scene: let the story-lines & mystery unfold your way


Escape Scene’s rooms are different from the norm. Owners Diane and Kate Collison intentionally created rooms that feel as though they are ordinary rooms filled with subtle details, rather than cluttered with things that would jump out as immediate clues. When pieced together, these subtle details lead to the players escaping with their heisted object, completing their mission for the Space Investigation Agency (SIA). This minute difference is one of the many things that lead to an extraordinary experience at Escape Scene.

As strong Disney fans, this aunt and niece pair are dedicated to creating immersive storylines that consume the players the moment they enter Escape Scene. The elaborate links in the storyline that connect one room to the next are among the many things that make Escape Scene stand out amongst other escape rooms.

After a family trip to an escape room in 2016 and fueled with the satisfaction of solving these elaborate puzzles[JH1] , the two quickly fell in love with the idea of opening an escape room and began to put the project into motion.

IMG_9335Each of the three rooms at Escape Scene highlights a different era. Mission I: Deadwood is set in 1876, Mission II: Cairo is set in 1930, and Mission III: Munich is set in 1945. The items found in the rooms are a reflection of the time period to create an authentic experience.

Even the lobby was thoughtfully decorated to create the immersive experience visitors to Escape Scene will be consumed by. Visitors will feel like they’re agents of the SIA about to embark on a mission the moment they walk in the door.

The Collison’s worked backwards in the process of designing the rooms, focusing on committing a heist rather than escaping a room. They began with what they wanted people to achieve or find and worked backwards from that point to discover what would become the beginning of every group’s journey.

The rooms begin in the same way for every group, but each group find different ways through the rooms as they solve the puzzles. As game masters, the Collisons and their employees adapt to the way each group desires to play.

 “Our internal slogan is ‘fun and not frustrating,’” said Diane. “People like different things. Some people really want the challenge, IMG_9352but many are new to escape rooms when they come here and we want them to succeed, so we like to encourage them to have fun.”

For the Collisons’ the magic of the escape rooms is that any age can be involved, leaving no member of the family or group feeling excluded. For Diane, the continued affection for escape rooms comes from the uniqueness and individuality found within them: every escape room does it different. Different games, different puzzles, always something new.

To experience your adventure through time and space, while uncovering clues to complete the heist, schedule your experience online, then visit Escape Scene at 1313 Hewitt Ave., Everett, WA 98201.

Visit their website.
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