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Posted on: September 20, 2019

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi: bringing mindfulness to the forefront


As you walk in, you’ll see a shoe rack is positioned alongside the door, accompanied by a sign hanging in the hallways that reads “no shoes beyond this point.” Maki Perry notes that this is a cultural difference. Not only is it a practice done with the intent of keeping the floors clean, but above all a significant part of the mental training involved at Body & Brain: leave all your troubles behind and come in with a fresh mind.

Perry originally went to college and became a C.P.A. and always believed that working for someone else would be less stressful then starting her own business. A downturn with her health, coupled with a doubt for her doctor’s preferred method of treatment which involved an ever-expanding collection of medications, led Perry to the decision of taking a more holistic approach.

When Perry began pursuing her journey of healing through Body & Brain Yoga, she attended a one-day workshop and had an opportunity to view a demonstration of DahnMuDo tai chi. The demonstration sparked a desire within Perry to learn how to unlock what she had experienced from watching the master’s demonstration. 

The training process Perry underwent to learn how to be an instructor for Body & Brain Yoga required her to first focus on healing herself so that she would then be able to help others.

“I feel like I'm still training myself to get better and better at what I’m doing,” said Perry.

Part of the uniqueness of Body & Brain Yoga stems from the personalized benefits that can be drawn from it. Perry feels that the positive energy each client brings as they heal through Body & Brain’s practices is uniquely fulfilling. She dedicates herself to the success of each of her members, offering encouragement to clients to focus on their individual growth and not compare themselves to others.

IMG_9358“Everyone is working on something,” said Perry. “Don’t compare yourself to other people because you’re here for your goals, to achieve your goals.”

Since she opened her own practice in Everett seven years ago, Perry remarks that many of her original members have since moved on. A handful have remained with her since her practice first opened.

Perry’s Everett location for Body & Brain offers four unique types of classes:  yoga, core strengthening, tai chi and brain wave vibrations. Perry encourage people to let go of their “monkey brain,” the part of the brain that prevents you from generating original and creative thoughts. It puts an emphasis on judgement, analyzing and increases stress.

“When people start to realize that, they feel more empowered to take control of their lives and change,” said Perry.

To unlock your potential and push past the 5% of brain capacity utilized in daily routine, stop in at Body & Brain for a private introductory session during which Perry will help you to navigate how to best achieve your goals – health and brain. Visit Body & Brain at 1319 Hewitt Ave., Everett, WA 98201.

Visit their website for more info & classes.