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Posted on: December 10, 2019

The Independent Beer Bar: bringing the beer lover's dream to Everett


Many dream of opening a bar with their best friends, and for Doug Hall and Jeff Sadighi, they made that dream a reality with the creation of The Independent Beer Bar.

Having been friends for years, Hall and Sadighi stopped counting how long they have known each other, only recalling that they met in Bellingham. When Sadighi moved back to the greater Seattle area, they put the gears in motion and began making their six-year-long dream of opening a bar together a reality.

When asked what was behind the name and the choice to open their own bar, Sadighi explained that the basis was not to have another boss. But when peeling back the layers, there’s a greater commitment he and Hall have in mind: doing the right thing, getting the right beer at the right price, working to make everything as good as possible and not being tied to anything just because “the corporate handbook says so.” 

Scrolling through Craigslist led Hall and Sadighi to discovery the space that The Independent Beer Bar now happily occupies. Ironically, the pair had never been to IMG_9604downtown Everett prior to scoping out the spot, but once they discovered the charm, they knew they wanted to be part of the scene.

“There’s a spot to be and there's an opportunity to be at the beginning of something that feels really cool,” said Sadighi. “That's what downtown Everett feels like.”

Sadighi and Hall take pride in selecting the best beers from each brewer that they host in their bar. As for their method behind what the keep on tap – Hall has it down to a science. He has a standard idea in his head about what they need to have: three IPAs, always, but they also try to make sure every style of beer is covered for every beer drinker. They aim for inclusivity, understanding they can’t be everything to everyone, but still making sure each style is covered: a IMG_9611dark, a light, an amber and many IPAs.

Their taps and bottles list are their specialties, but they also serve a single food dish that’s loved by many. The Russian dumplings, topped with margarine, sour cream, curry powder, sriracha and cilantro, was inspired by the pair’s favorite spot for a late-night snack in Bellingham.

Despite the limited amount of space Hall and Sadighi took advantage of every inch. Venture to the back of the bar and you’ll find the beloved shuffleboard. Hall describes it as both fun and awesome, so perhaps give it a try next time you’re in.

Stop by The Independent Beer Bar at 1801 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA 98201, have a beer and stay awhile. Oh, and if you’re looking for Hall and Sadighi, they still tend the bar – it’s the Doug and Jeff show every Friday night.

Visit their website.