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Posted on: February 4, 2020

Despi Delite: sweetening the Everett dessert scene with unique creations


The first Despi Delite was opened in Seattle in 1989 by Christian Despi’s parents. Throughout his childhood, Christian and his siblings grew up surrounded by its sweet treats. As the business’s fan base expanded, so too did the Despi family. When the Despis spread into Everett, Melissa Despi quit her job and joined her husband’s family business. Together, this husband and wife team own and run the Everett store and have personalized it to the tastes of the customers they have met. The people are among their favorite part of being in the business.

For the Despis, the greatest struggle they faced in opening the Everett location was just that: trying to figure out what the Everett customers had a craving for. They quickly learned the cravings were rather different from their Seattle customers. The Seattle location primarily focuses on Filipino desserts for those looking for a simple treat and on wholesale of their bread. Everett, however, seems to have a hankering solely for desserts with a heavy focus on donuts, custom cakes and more popularized traditional desserts. Despite the differences in regional taste, you’ll still find some longstanding family recipes among their shelves.

The unique and whimsical donut creations Despi Delite’s customer base have become accustomed to are a part of the creative heart aIMG_9536nd soul of Christian Despi. The diversity in their donut selection is something the Despi family in Everett is very proud to host.

On any given day, customers will find more than 50 different donut options filling their display case. Among the collection are classics such as chocolate bars, donut bars and maple donut bars can be found amid the mix of revolutionary donuts creations: margarita, German chocolate, churro, salted caramel, Captain Crunch, croissant and more. Recently, they broke a new barrier with the addition of vegan donuts to their extensive and ever-growing menu.

Keeping up their extensive menu is no easy feat. Each night Christian arrives at the bakery at roughly 11 p.m., working through the night to make sure that everything is prepared for when customers come through the doors starting at 8 a.m. He often doesn’t leave until at least 2 p.m. That’s roughly a 14-hour day for those keeping score.

“Whoever invented the name ‘small business ’ – there’s nothing small about it,” says Christian.

Through the long days, Christian finds motivation in supporting his family and joy in the independence of the way he has been able to pIMG_9521ersonalize the Everett location of Despi Delite.

When the days get really long, Christian at times retreats to the decorating room. It hosts a calmer environment he says but is also the place where his favorite creations are made: the custom cakes he decorates personally for children.

Love Despi Delite? Christian says that there may be a future for satellite bakeries to pop-up, so stay tuned!

Until then, you can visit Despi Delite Bakery in Everett at 3713 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201 to get your fair share of their delicious variety.

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