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Posted on: August 20, 2020

Don Clark of Invisible Creature celebrates rich history and a vibrant future with new mural

Everett Welcomes You mural

How do you capture the feel of a city in one picture? It’s an impossible task, but for artists like Don Clark who strive to create imaginative and interesting art for all manner of applications, these are the challenges to live for.

Along with his brother Ryan, Don transformed his passion for art, movies and music into a talent he could refine and prosper from. For two decades, Seattle graphics-design studio Invisible Creature has designed murals, album covers and a collection of striking illustrations for apparel, prints and collectables.  Completed earlier this month, the new Everett Welcomes You mural just east of the intersection of Colby Avenue and California Street takes a look at how the story of Everett’s culture and industry is driving the city forward toward a bright and creative future.

Like the building blocks of a greater project, the letters that spell Everett are stacked among shipping containers, symbolizing the talent, resources and collaborative creative effort it takes to build up a city that will prosper. While new buildings rise, Everett welcomes the talented, spirited and driven. From the musician to the aerial engineer, each visitor brings their cargo of gifts into Everett’s proverbial port.

Everett Welcomes You mural

Adjacent to Funko HQ, Don’s mural will greet some of the world-class creatives that make their way to Funko, and to offer encouragement and appreciation for anyone who aspires to be part of Everett’s story.

For two decades, the Invisible Creature design duo has pushed their limits, creating for a variety of clients. Don and Ryan Clark’s portfolios are filled with illustrations that give the retro feel of the 1940s -1970s with a modern spin.

Seattle’s historic and iconic theater, Cinerama, got a total design overall through the Invisible Creature design duo. Don and his brother reimagined the popular movie spot’s vibe with a 200-foot mural wrapping the building in imagery that incites the action-packed vibe of America’s film history. Since then, a variety of clients have sought the skilled artistry of Invisible Creature for murals.

Prior to Napster, the two brothers primarily created album art and packaging. Don and Ryan were impassioned by music and immersed themselves in the culture of Punk Rock straight out of high school. Building up a portfolio over five years at Asterik Studio in Sacramento, California, Don’s skills progressed more toward commercial illustration. In 2006, he and his brother split from Asterik Studio to form Invisible Creature.

Since then, the driven artist duo has explored the limits of print design, creating award-winning pieces for music packaging and working with clients like NASA, LEGO, Nike, MTV and more. They continue to strive to improve and learn with each project, exploring new techniques and styles with a variety of commissions. At, you can check out an awesome assortment of accessories, apparel, prints and other unique creations.

Story by Jared Doolittle, City of Everett intern

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