How to have a great time at a 'Tips game

A group of friends having fun at the Silvertips game.
Everett is a hockey town. After all, we are a couple of hours from the Canadian border. 

Silvertips fandom here is, well, fan-atic. On game night, Hewitt Avenue swarms with groups of puck-lovers wearing green and silver jerseys. They are people who like pizza, poutine and beer.

Angel of the Winds Arena turns electric with enthusiasm. The game is fast-paced as players glide down the ice and slam into the plastic walls. Air horns blast. The spectacle is pumped up with loud music blasting over the speakers. It’s an exciting way to spend an evening, and, unlike, most sports events, you won’t break the bank having a good time. 

Parking & Lines 

On-street parking can be easy to find downtown if you show up early. If you aren’t able to find a spot, there are affordable parking lots within easy walking distance of Angel of the Winds Arena. Area parking is usually under $5—an unthinkable price in any other city. Or, if you’re not the driving type, you can always bus/train or whatever to the Everett Transit Center, located at 3201 Smith Ave.

There’s a free downtown parking garage that’s open in the evenings for this event. It’s on the west side of Hoyt between California and Hewitt Avenue. Park there without paying and walk to the event to save some money and burn off those game-time beer calories.

Pro tip: skip lines and buy tickets ahead of time and pick them up at will call.

Eating & Drinking

Hewitt Avenue is lined with choice pre-game eateries. Brooklyn Brothers Pizza offers by-the-slice thin-crust, wood-fired ‘za. The Independent Beer Bar offers local craft beers on tap. You can “order in” food here—local restaurants will deliver to “The Indy” while you sip a pre-funk brewskie. El Paraiso is a local favorite for Mexican food and an inviting cantina that serves generous margaritas.

There are many more options in the downtown core for the curious hockey fan who likes to explore. There are also several restaurants in the arena offering typical arena-style fan favorites: french fries, soda, beer, etc.

Why does Everett love hockey so much? Because we do. Come see for yourself.

More Tips


Hockey has three 20-minute periods with 15-minute breaks in between, so there’s plenty of time to grab another beer or slice of pizza. 

Getting to your seat:

If you arrive late or head out to get some food during the game, it’s considered polite to wait until a pause in play to return to your seat. Just hang out at the beginning of the aisle until there’s a slight pause. 


There are all kinds of fun things that happen between periods - like a t-shirt gun and a raffle


During one break between periods, visitors can participate in ‘chuck-a-puck’ - but you need to be prepared. Chuck-a-puck is a game where attendees throw a numbered puck at a series of tires lined up in the middle of the arena. The closer you get to the tires, the more likely you are to win a prize. If you want to participate, be sure to purchase your puck at the designated table. Watch for it while you walk around scoping out the food and drinks.

Angel of the Winds Arena

2000 Hewitt Ave.
(425) 322-2600